Do you seriously want to improve your health? The most successful method is to apply the laws of nature.

Learn how to naturally:

  • Lose weight safely and permanently
  • Easily meet your nutrient needs
  • Minimize your risk of sickness
  • Have abundant energy!
  • Eliminate chronic health conditions

And get the answer to these questions:

  • How do different foods affect my health?
  • Do vitamin and mineral supplements work?
  • How can I get healthy safely?
  • Is water fasting safe?

What past attendees are saying…

“He’s a phenomenal speaker and great teacher. I fasted at Tanglewood three times: 21, 28, 21 days…a year each apart….when he was located in Maryland. It’s an amazing healing experience on all levels!”
–Pat Godinez, San Francisco, California

“Yesterday was a real pleasure and I felt just fine through it all; can’t think of a better way I would have wanted to spend that time.  Lots of elucidating information; ideas and refinements are dancing in my head as a wonderful result.”
–Rita Robinson, Laguna Beach, California, sent the day after Creating Perfect Health Seminar in LA in March 2012

“Your vitality and strength is an inspiration to me, looks like you are a man that walks his talk. Thank you Loren for sharing your wisdom.”
–Patricia, Tucson , Arizona

“By applying the Creating Perfect Health system principles, you can dramatically alter your health and well-being!”
–M.C. Mac, Panama City, Panama

“This seminar is the foundation for a new direction in life!”
–Grant Peacock, Rockville, Maryland

“If you truly want to live a much better, healthier life, free from ‘normal’ health problems, I fully recommend one of Loren’s lectures.”
–Alison Lamp, Newport News, Virginia

“The seminar was excellent, and I highly recommend it!”
–Dave Zier, Fairfax, Virginia

See what others have to say…

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