Tanglewood Wellness Center

Water Fasting Retreats

We understand that fasting is nature's way of allowing your body to cleanse and heal itself, and that rest is paramount to the success of the process. Tanglewood Wellness Center is a water fasting retreat that provides beautiful, clean, quiet, and comfortable surroundings that foster the deep rest and introspection that allow for true healing. When water fasting your #1 concern should be your health and the use of a fasting retreat provides you with a supervised safe environment to allow you to have the best water fasting experience possible. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding water fasting or fasting retreats.

"The scenery was breathtaking and most helpful in finding inner harmony."

“I felt incredibly loved and cared for.”

“Go to TWC for the best experience.”

"I believe Tanglewood does it as well as it can be done."

“I have never in my life met so many warm, loving, sensitive and kind people all in one place.”

"The location is beautiful. The staff is attentive, and the accomadations are wonderful."

"Enriching and truly life-changing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual."

"It was awesome here in Panama, almost perfect weather every day."

"TWC exceeded my expectations by far."

“The place is very peaceful and airy with lots of plants and simple decor. I felt at ‘home’ being there.”

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