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Tanglewood Wellness Center is one of the most experienced water fasting centers , Led by Mr. Loren Lockman which has supervised over 4000 water-only fasts over the past 30 years. Interested in functioning at the highest level possible? Do you have one or more aspects of your health/body that no longer function like they used to…or like you know they could? Every organism on the planet is self-healing and fasting is nature’s way of allowing every organism on the planet to cleanse and heal itself. Loren Lockman has been coaching others to amazing levels of health and balance since 1987, and has been supervising fasts since 1993.

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The unconditionally-guaranteed “Creating Perfect Health System” is a home-study program of more than 15 hours of audio and video-taped live lectures and seminar. Additionally there is supporting written material as well. This program will teach you everything you need to know to maximize health, vitality, mental clarity and energy level. You will learn how to easily and effortlessly achieve and maintain your optimal weight. Because these things are inextricably linked, it’s virtually impossible to affect any one of them without affecting the others.

Permaculture is sustainable, and reparative, land use design. The result is agriculturally productive ecosystems which are diverse, stable and meet human needs (materials, energy, shelter, food, water and more). Working with nature rather than against nature means maximizing results and minimizing work. Asking many functions from each element and providing many supports for each element creates a stable system. The land and its occupants are integrated harmoniously.

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Come and enjoy our facilities with the best fruit Costa Rica has to offer, high end, equipped rooms, and dedicated staff to make your stay here at Tanglewood unforgettable! 

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