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Interested In Supervised Water Fasting?

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We are open for fasting on the following dates:

  • August 22nd 2020 – October 31st 2020
  • December 19th 2020 – February 27th 2021
  • April 3th 2021 - June 12th 2021
  • July 17th 2021 - September 25th 2021
  • October 30th 2021 - January 8th 2022
  • February 26th 2022 - May 7th 2022
  • June 11th 2022 - August 20 2022

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About Tanglewood Wellness Center

Tanglewood Wellness Center is one of the most experienced water fasting centers , Led by Mr. Loren Lockman who has supervised over 4000 water-only fasts over the past 30 years. Interested in functioning at the highest level possible? Do you have one or more aspects of your health/body that no longer function like they used to…or like you know they could? Every organism on the planet is self-healing and fasting is nature’s way of allowing every organism on the planet to cleanse and heal itself. Loren Lockman has been coaching others to amazing levels of health and balance since 1987, and has been supervising fasts since 1993.

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Meet Loren Lockman

The founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, Loren began studying the relationship between nutrition & health in 1977. Since 1997, Loren has led more than 2000 people through water fasts of 1 to 9 weeks, & has coached more than 2000 others to better health.

In 1984, Loren contracted chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, candidiasis, sinusitis, & 57 allergies. After a 3 year struggle with medicine, Loren got himself well within 6 months. He’s been a raw vegan since 1991.

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Fasting with Loren

  • Supervised water fasting
  • Daily lectures
  • Daily monitoring and support

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Remote Fasting

  • Supervised water fasting and refeeding
  • Hour-long daily support via Skype
  • Daily email and video lecture, and weekly live Q&A

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Consultation with Loren

  • 1 Hour Session for $200
  • 3 Hours for $525 ($175 p/hr)
  • 5 Hours for $750 ($150 p/hr)

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“The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.”

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

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