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    Agreement between the Tanglewood Wellness Center, S.A. and Guest
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  • 1. I have come to the Tanglewood Wellness Center to enjoy the climate and ambiance here and to learn more about Loren Lockman's ideas and philosophy about health, vitality, fasting, and fitness.

    2. I am fully aware that Loren Lockman is not a licensed medical doctor or nutritionist and holds no licenses to practice medicine or alternative medicine. No claims or guarantees have been made to me about the outcome of the choices I may make.

    3. I am here of my own free will and take full responsibility for the choices I make. I have not been coerced, forced, or pressured into doing anything. Whether I choose to follow Loren's ideas or not is completely up to me and I acknowledge that should I choose to fast, going without food for any length of time is a serious process which can be challenging and may create difficult and uncomfortable symptoms.

    4. I understand that the only food available at the Tanglewood Wellness Center is fruit and simple green salads. It is my choice to eat only these things while here and I take full responsibility for any effects of doing so.

    5. I agree to hold harmless and to absolve all others from any responsibility for my health and well-being, including Loren Lockman, the Tanglewood Wellness Center, the village of La Mercedes, District of Hojancha and its health service, the Province of Guanacaste, and the State of Costa Rica. I alone take 100% responsibility for what I do and the outcome of it.

    6. I understand that the funds I've paid to be at tanglewood are for my room and the use of the retreat facilities and once paid, are completely non-refundable. Should I choose to not come or leave early, no refunds will be made.

    I acknowledge that I am undertaking a potentially transformative process here at Tanglewood and understand that this can be difficult in many ways.

    You can download this agreement here.
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