Pricing & Booking

If You Do Want to get Healthier, You Have An Opportunity Right Now…

The level of health and vitality, mental clarity and emotional balance that’s available to you provides you with true freedom. You can be, or do, whatever you choose when your body functions exactly as you want. If you’re ready for complete freedom, this is your chance.

  • Rates are based on double-occupancy. If you come to Tanglewood alone, you will have a roommate.
  • If you prefer/require a private room, (if there is availability at the time of your reservation,) you would pay double the normal charge for one of our standard rooms (as you’re essentially “occupying” both beds,) or you can choose one of our “Ranchitos” — private, individual wooden cottages with palm thatch roof, screen panels (and curtains) on three sides, set in a tropical garden — with lovely shared bathroom facilities just a few steps away at no extra cost.
  • Each fasting session begins on a Saturday, and ends on a Saturday. When scheduling your fast please keep this in mind.
  • We may be fully booked for your desired time frame; register early and contact us before you book a flight.

If you are not ready to pay the full price yet, you can reserve your spot by paying a $995 deposit when booking

Total Weeks At The Center Days Fasting Days Refeeding Price Deposit Book Now
1 Week Stay 5 Days Fasting 2 Days Refeeding $1,495.00 $995 Book Now
2 Weeks Stay 11 Days Fasting 3 Days Refeeding $2,695.00 $995 Book Now
3 Weeks Stay 16 Days Fasting 5 Days Refeeding $3,595.00 $995 Book Now
4 Weeks Stay 21 Days Fasting 7 Days Refeeding $4,195.00 $995 Book Now
5 Weeks Stay 26 Days Fasting 9 Days Refeeding $4,995.00 $995 Book Now
6 Weeks Stay 30 Days Fasting 12 Days Refeeding $5,895.00 $995 Book Now
7 Weeks Stay 35 Days Fasting 14 Days Refeeding $6,595.00 $995 Book Now
8 Weeks Stay 39 Days Fasting 17 Days Refeeding $7,495.00 $995 Book Now
9 Weeks Stay 42 Days Fasting 21 Days Refeeding $8,195.00 $995 Book Now
Single Occupancy:

If you want single occupancy, you have two choices: you can either occupy one of our beautiful, ranchitos, tiny one-person cottages with palm thatch roofs and screen panel windows, with a lovely bathroom facility just 5-10 meters away, or you can occupy one of our double-occupancy rooms by yourself for an additional charge of $100/day.

  • All purchases are dependent upon being approved for fasting

Payment and Cancellation Policy

We require a non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. The balance of payment for your stay is due four weeks before you arrive and is not refundable. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible because others may be on a waiting list for that time. If you decide to leave sooner than planned, there are no refunds for unused time. You can pay by credit or debit card, money order, personal check, or bank draft in US Dollars. Contact us for more information. After filling out the registration form, you can contact us for payment information or pay online.

Please note, we have a no-refund policy that helps us keep our prices lower. You have two years from the time you make your deposit to use the time. As soon you know when you want to come, you’ll want to contact us to reserve your space to ensure that you get it. Everyone says that there’s nothing more important than their health. But so many people make excuses rather than taking the action that they need to create the health that they want. If you’d like to live a no-limits life in a no-limits body, fasting at Tanglewood is the first – and most important — step in producing the results you want.