Upcoming Fasting Session Dates:

November 11th 2023 - January 20th 2024
March 2nd 2024 - May 4th 2024
June 1st 2024 - June 29th 2024
July 20th 2024 - October 5th 2024
November 2nd 2024 - January 11th 2025
February 15th 2025 - April 26th 2025

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Interested in learning about fasting and creating perfect health? Learn side by side with Loren Lockman and the Tanglewood staff.

The primary responsibility of interns is assisting in the care of fasters. Interns play an important role in the success of an individual’s stay. Experience the sense of community and the satisfaction of truly helping people vastly improve their health.

Interns also assist in all aspects of running the center, and will be exposed to the logistics of running a business, writing and publishing material, and other tasks that keep the Center running smoothly. Interns extend our ability to reach people that can be helped by the information and services available at the Center.

Our internships require a 9 week commitment. All food is locally grown, simple raw vegan. A three-week fast and one week of refeeding will be provided as part of your experience with us. As an intern, you will also have plenty of time to enjoy and explore the beautiful tropical environment of Costa Rica.

Program Highlights

Fast and Refeeding (4 weeks)

  • 21-Day Water Fast
  • 7-Day Refeeding with 100% Raw, Locally Grown Produce
  • Daily Consultation with Fasting Supervisor
  • Beautiful Resort Facilities and Tropical Environment
  • Constant Care by Experienced Staff
  • Eight Health Lectures by our Director Loren Lockman

Transition and Orientation (5 weeks)

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice
  • 100% Raw, Locally Grown Diet
  • Creating Perfect Health Seminars and Discussion (from video tape)
  • Communication Skills Classes and Practice Sessions
  • Community Skills Classes
  • Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Community Dinners, Celebrations, and Films
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Classes Led by Permanent Staff and Interns
  • Optimal Health Lectures by Loren
  • Review of Fasting Cases with Fasting Supervisor
  • Free Time in Tropical Paradise


Our internship has been a truly life-changing program for many of the 127 people who’ve done it (4 or 5 of them twice!).  As you may know, it involved 21 days fasting, a week of re-feeding, and then 5 more weeks of room and board, education and coaching and a some service to the

It not only taught many people how to maximize their health, it led them by the hand and brought them to an amazing level of health.  But it also required so much of Loren’s time that he recently decided to put it on-hold for the time being.

However, there is a similar opportunity available now.  While it’s not formalized like the internship was, it still provides for the same time fasting and re-feeding, a lot of education, coaching and fellowship, shared meals, etc.  You simply come spend 4 weeks with us a client ($3695) and then stay on to volunteer afterward.  You’ll help with any necessary tasks around the center will get room and board, coaching, etc., in exchange for 30-35 hours/week of work.

There are some ways that this opportunity differs from the internship; with the internship, Tanglewood made a commitment to each intern to guide them through the program, and unless someone was in blatant violation of our policies, etc., they were here for the duration of the internship (unless they chose to leave early.)  This was sometimes problematic as we wound up with people here who were Not so easy to deal with.

With volunteers, we don’t make the same commitment.  As long as it feels comfortable and beneficial to both parties, the relationship lasts 9 weeks or even possibly longer.  But once the fast/re-feeding portion is over, we reserve the right to ask any volunteer to leave if it doesn’t feel good or beneficial.  And of course the volunteer always has the right to leave early if they choose to.

Our intention is to create something that’s mutually beneficial, but we’re not willing to be locked into something if it doesn’t feel and function well for everyone.

While our fasting sessions are 9 weeks long, it is possible to stay on longer (which would mean a trip out of the country for three days to start the visa clock over again after 13 weeks.)

Of course the first step is to go through the process with us yourself as this will both allow you to take your own health to a new high, and will also insure that you truly understand what we’re up to.

Let us know your thoughts. And remember that whether you choose to volunteer with us or not, spending 4 or more weeks with us as a client is guaranteed to be the single most powerful, beneficial thing that you ever do for yourself.

If you’d like to come fast with us, click here for complete information on fasting:

If you like what you see, complete and send the fasting registration form you can access via a link from that page.

Once you’ve completed it, send a message telling us that you’re interested in volunteering with us and we’ll schedule a time to speak with you.

For your optimal health,
Loren and the Tanglewood team

Tanglewood Wellness Center
La Mercedes De Hojancha
Costa Rica