The DANGER Lurking From Behind, Ready To Tap You On The Shoulder
I remember reading the books of Carlos Castaneda for the first time many years ago. In one of them the teacher of young Carlos, a Native American shaman called Don Juan explained how one of the fundamental teachings in his culture was to remember Death was always one step behind every human being, ready to tap them on the shoulder. He went on to explain that this was not just a figure of speech, that shamans can actually see Death as a shadow following everyone. Now, I have no idea if this was true or not, I am no shaman. But what I can tell you is this:
There is a danger following
almost every human being on earth
that is very similar to the image depicted by Don Juan in Castaneda’s books!
Protect Yourself BUY NOW!
It is true that some people have discovered secret ways of avoiding this danger, but they are few and far between. I myself happened to find out about this in a series of revelations following years of personal struggles. The vast majority of humans in the world still walk around unaware of this grave peril. Now, you might think you know what I am talking about. And maybe you do.
I ask you to bear with me and we will discover together if you are one of those rare individuals or not.
Here are a few questions to help in this regard.
QI115 Are you suffering from any illness?
QI115 Do you experience mental fog or lack of focus?
QI115 Does your energy fluctuate during the day?
QI115 Do you “crash” after meals?
QI115 Are you overweight?
QI115 Do you have pain or any discomfort if you walk 2 miles?
QI115 Are you a type 2 diabetic?
QI115 Do you have any allergies?
QI115 Do you have trouble falling asleep?
QI115 Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?
QI116 Do you get bloated?
QI116 Do you have joint or muscle pain?
QI116 Do you have lower back or neck pain?
QI116 Do you get headaches or migraines?
QI116 Do you have high blood pressure?
QI116 Do you feel depressed/down?
QI116 Do you deal with anxiety?
QI116 Are you stressed?
QI116 Do you get angry easily?
QI116 Do you have mood swings?
QI117 Do you feel your relationships always disappoint you?
QI117 Do you feel you lack control over your life in general?
QI117 Do you feel stuck in a job you dislike or in any situation you want out of?
QI117 Do you have problems with other members of your family?
QI117 Do you have issues with your friends?
QI117 Do you feel your significant other does not understand or connect with you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions
then you need to hear the secrets that changed my life and could just as easily change yours.
Fix Your Life
I am Loren Lockman.
The readers of this page who have been part of the Tanglewood Wellness Center community for a while might know a little about my personal journey. Rest assured, there are things that I intend to reveal now that I have never revealed before. TO ANYONE!
I was in very bad shape 35 years ago after graduating from college. I had contracted chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, candidiasis, sinusitis, and 57 allergies. Things got so bad at one point that I had to leave my desk at work to go take a nap in my car just to be able to make it to lunch. And the worst of it? After trying all prescription pills on me for years, doctors were starting to say that it was all in my head! In their mind, if they tried everything and I was still complaining, it must have been just made-up stuff, right? image191197
This was infuriating. Not only medicine and doctors were not helping, now everyone was looking at me like I was mental! And maybe I was, the whole situation was starting to get to me and affect my mental state as well, not just my physical body. I was becoming depressed, I was losing confidence, in short I was a shadow of my former self.
My performance at work was suffering and my relationships with family and friends were gradually deteriorating. I was lacking energy to pursue any hobbies and I was becoming moody because of my pains and other annoying symptoms. In short, I was a mess and even though on the outside I looked normal, on the inside I felt like a hollow shell, no strength and no substance. I had to do something or my life was not worth living anymore. I was utterly miserable and could not see myself continuing that way.
Then I finally hit ROCK BOTTOM.
One day, I could not get out of bed! It was not like I was tired.
I know “tired”. This was different. I COULD NOT MOVE. AT ALL!
It was like having an out of body experience, looking at myself from above and seeing I could not move. Normally something like this would freak me out. I think something like this would freak ANYBODY out. Only this time it was different. A sense of complete calm engulfed me. I thought I was dying. I thought to myself “so this is it, this is what DEATH feels like”. Memories of my childhood rushed through my mind. Memories of small victories and small defeats. Passing college exams, playing with childhood friends. Winning a game, losing a race. Memories of my first girlfriend, first kiss. AND THAT’S WHEN I REVOLTED. I remember clearly how I made a conscious decision right then and there to reject DEATH and choose LIFE - starting with understanding my health issues.
I made a promise to myself I would not give up until I found out what was making me sick and how to fix it. And I have no idea how but I dragged myself out of bed!
To make a long story short, after a 3 year struggle with medicine I got fed up and walked away from all that.
I started researching and studying and managed to get myself well within 6 months. I am now at 58 in great shape, and since I discovered the secrets I intend to share with you here
I have not been sick ONE SINGLE DAY in more than 31 years.
So how did I change from a semi-vegetable back into a vibrant human being, having more energy than ever before?
So, how did I do it? I will tell you.
Feel Better Than Ever Before
Here are some of the things I want to share with you
How to say good-bye to your ailments forever: the 8 keys to creating the highest level of health
How to detox your system: when your own body takes over and demands it
Rarely noticed secrets in my workshops/seminars that can make or break your progress (almost nobody catches these despite seeing/hearing them multiple times)
The secret to incredibly heightened body awareness- put this in your back pocket to use when feeling stressed or overwhelmed
Why removal of toxins is 8 times harder if you do not apply this science backed insight
Why having optimal health with a clean body will always be elusive until you correctly apply this one secret principle
What you must do right away if you want to benefit from a diet change not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally
What doctors do not tell you about disease prevention - and it’s not the fact they cannot even prevent disease
What to watch out for if you want to experience major breakthroughs in your core relationships - and how to avoid these 3 common pitfalls
What medical doctors do not know or are afraid to tell you
What NEVER to do to your meals (it has the exact same effect as eating genetically modified food)
The absolute WORST time to eat broccoli, kale and other nutrient-rich foods
What NOT to do if you ever get bloated or have gas
The 3 essential nutrients humans need and why animals get these nutrients from different food sources
The 2 types of enzymes our body creates and why making more of one of them negatively affects our health
The 8 keys to creating the highest level of health and why 3 of them are the ones most people get wrong
The 2 ways our bodies use energy and why you should minimize one of them if you want to avoid illness
Eating vegetables is good for you, right? Why many vegetables recommended by “experts” actually do more harm than good
In addition to the above,
I will share many other insights gained from years of research and studies. Like how I actually used nature to get inspiration and how all revelations I received are based on solid logic and scientific observations. Because the solution I found is not just based on laws of nature, I believe that
These principles I discovered allow me now to live the life I always wanted
checkcircleI126 I have not been sick one day in over 31 years
checkcircleI126 My mind is always focused and sharp
checkcircleI126 I have the ideal weight for my height
checkcircleI126 I can walk all day without feeling any pain or discomfort
checkcircleI126 I work from dawn to dusk doing what I love and never need to slow down
checkcircleI126 I never feel tired
checkcircleI126 I have no allergies
checkcircleI126 My blood pressure is always within the recommended range
checkcircleI126 My blood sugar levels are totally normal
checkcircleI126 All my blood work is textbook perfect
checkcircleI126 I sleep like a baby
checkcircleI126 I wake up full of energy in the morning
checkcircleI126 I never get bloated
checkcircleI126 I have no joint or muscle pain
checkcircleI126 I always feel upbeat and optimistic
checkcircleI126 I am never depressed
checkcircleI126 I do not get angry
checkcircleI126 I experience no mood swings
checkcircleI126 I own my business and love what I do
checkcircleI126 I am in control of my life and I do as I choose in every situation
checkcircleI126 I have great relationships with family and friends
checkcircleI126 I have a great relationship with my significant other
So what exactly is this law of nature that allows me to have the life I always dreamed of? I will reveal it to you in full RIGHT NOW!
In short, It is the realization that if we want to experience life at our very best, then we have to behave just as nature intended for us.
That’s it! It is really that simple.
The problem with most people is that they do not know what that means. The good news is that once someone points it out, most folks realize their body somehow knew this all along. They simply forgot it somehow. So what I did in order to help was to put together a system that allows people to remember how to get what they want, be it physical health, mental health or emotional health.
  • This system is not a diet, although diet is a huge part of it.
  • It is not cleansing, although a very specific type of cleansing is crucial.
It is a comprehensive set of 8 KEY PARTS, each contributing to
happy, vibrant living!
The Creating Perfect Health System
Available for immediate download! @ $295
Be The Best You Can Be
Available for immediate download! @ $295
Here are other things you will learn in “The Creating Perfect Health System”:
Do you feel your body could use some cleansing or worse, is it in a crisis situation? The first step to take towards perfect health right now!
WARNING: Your body will dump INSANE amounts of insulin when you do this. Avoid harming yourself this way.
Do you feel weak, irritable or tired if you happen to skip lunch? What this means and how to fix it
Have you been taking different supplements or prescriptions and still your body is far from the level of health and vitality you desire? How to fix this in two easy steps!
The amazing “deprivation” trick that has helped even stage 4 cancer patients, and why the temporary pain you feel for a few days is the best thing ever!
The “drive-through” secret that links garbage men and bacteria and how to keep both of them away
The “less-than-straightforward” way of losing 35 pounds in 7 days - and why it produces these results for seriously overweight people
The sneaky way some medications cause depression and how to use this knowledge for full emotional poise
Nelson Mandela was in prison for 32 years, but he was a free man all this time. How to use your thoughts to create a joyful life.
An inner-city mother ended up adopting her son’s juvenile killer. How to use forgiveness to allow happiness into your life.
Mark Twain once said: “Some of the worst things in my life never even happened”. How to avoid worrying about things out of your control.
Fix your relationships without ANY effort! The mindfulness trick that gurus use to always be surrounded by love.
Banish struggle from your life! How living in the present will bring you joy, and the simple process to achieve this.
Be the best you can be, in all aspects of life! How to align yourself with the Universe instead of struggling against it.
By this point you are probably wondering if “The Creating Perfect Health System” really works. So rather than brag about the results people get with this, I will let our community members describe it in their own words.
The Creating Perfect Health System saved my life. I had tried everything before for my auto-immune issues and nothing worked. By following the instructions in the CPHS all symptoms miraculously resolved in 90 days and I am now a new person.
Jason, 47 year old male
I had a lot of emotional issues after breaking up with my fiance, and I was struggling to regain my confidence while also dealing with weight gains and depression. Loren’s The Creating Perfect Health System fixed all these issues for me. I lost 34.5 lbs in 42 days, I got major emotional insights and an incredibly heightened body awareness after using the CPHS as self-study help at home. In the program Loren explains in detail many concepts he regularly teaches in live seminars and workshops and having direct access to his teachings really made the difference for me.
Georgia, 32 year old female
Loren is a genius. He makes it seem easy, and he gives you step-by-step instructions on how to transform basically overnight, but he had to come up with all this by himself, there were no instructions for him when he put together The Creating Perfect Health System. Considering he was dealing with lots of health issues at the time, I wonder how he had the creative energy and brain power to figure everything out. The results are amazing.
Mikaila, 52 year old female
My family and friends were asking me why I bought Loren’s The Creating Perfect Health System because I had no obvious health problems, I was not sick. But Loren’s teachings are much more than a get-well-quick system for sick people. I wanted to get a head start in life by finding an edge to improve my mental focus and vitality (think “Limitless”, the movie). I have found it in Loren’s The Creating Perfect Health System.
Matthew, 23 year old male
Results like these speak for themselves.
You Deserve It,
If you are still wondering if it would be a good fit for you, here are a few other things you should expect from The Creating Perfect Health System:
What exact times of day are you at greatest risk of low blood sugar level? The surprising answer will shock you (while also giving you the easy way to fix the underlying issue).
Did you know that approximately 39.5% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes, according to Do this to avoid becoming one of these statistics.
Did you know that cancer, heart attack and stroke account for more than 50% of all deaths in the United States? The two simple steps you need to take to virtually eliminate these risks.
Do you have “brain fog” sometimes? What to do for unbelievable mental clarity, in three easy-to-follow steps.
If you want to function at the highest level possible, do this to jumpstart your next phase in life!
When your body starts absolutely shedding extra pounds - how to get to your ideal weight FAST!
When it seems regardless of how hard you try your relationships end badly - do this now to take back control!
When your stress level threatens your health - the easy-to-follow steps to instantly relax.
The quickest, easiest way to recapture your youth and regain your confidence!
The truth about juicing: is it really better than eating the whole plant?
The real cause of most cancers: is it just bad luck?
Better than blood pressure medication! Use this to get rid of high blood pressure without nasty side effects.
Beyond vegan: what actually constitutes the perfect human diet!
Better than coffee! How to keep insanely high energy levels without caffeine.
PLUS - when exactly to drink water during the day for best results
PLUS - the maximum amount of protein humans need during their lifetime and when exactly this happens
PLUS - how to turn the tables on your metabolism to make it work for your own goals
And finally, the easiest way to fix your relationships by achieving complete emotional poise
Imagine receiving all the value described above
for the low price of
The truth is, as everything is becoming more expensive the current price will not last for long. So grab your copy of The Creating Perfect Health System before the price goes up (price hike has been planned already by my team, I am holding it off for now to give a chance to those who have been with our community for a while).
This is what you will receive when you buy The Creating Perfect Health System
16 hours of self-guided learning
Available for immediate Download
The unconditionally-guaranteed “Creating Perfect Health System” is a home-study program of more than 15 hours of audio and video-taped live lectures and seminar. Additionally there is supporting written material as well. This program will teach you everything you need to know to maximize health, vitality, mental clarity and energy level. You will learn how to easily and effortlessly achieve and maintain your optimal weight. Because these things are inextricably linked, it’s virtually impossible to affect any one of them without affecting the others.
The system brings you ground breaking and life-changing information that is
checkcircle1538 Simple to understand
checkcircle1538 Easy to implement
checkcircle1538 Proven
checkcircle1538 Common-sense
In order to ensure that you learn and can then apply this information, I utilize both repetition and the power of different methods of learning. Research shows that repetition is a powerful tool and that most of us need it to really learn anything. It also shows that no matter what your dominant, and therefore, preferred, way of learning is (i.e. seeing, hearing, etc.), a combination of different approaches ensures the greatest comprehension and retention. Or, to put it more simply, the more different approaches used, the more we learn and remember.
The System includes these materials
checkcircleI155 C.P.H. audio downloads (4 – 90 min)
checkcircleI155 Fasting: Nature’s Cleanse Downloads
checkcircleI155 Controversial Questions
checkcircleI155 Maximizing Your Health Video (1 – 132 min.)
checkcircleI155 Natural Way To Health Video (2 – 120 min.)
checkcircleI155 Handbook For Vibrant Living – 8 Keys To Optimal Health
checkcircleI155 Tanglewood brochure
checkcircleI155 Personalized ‘Health Seeker’ letter
checkcircleI155 Tanglewood postcard
Creating Perfect Health seminar
6 hours on 4 downloads
These downloads cover all eight keys to creating the highest level of health. (These were taped live at the Tanglewood Wellness Center)
Maximizing your Health Lecture
132 minutes on video
This lecture was taped live in front of an audience of 100 people in London, England. It covers diet and fasting and is an excellent introduction to the subject matter. Fast-paced, fun and informative; this is a great place to start.
Fasting: Nature’s Cleanse
90-minute download
This informative and fun lecture was taped live in Portland, Oregon. Controversial Questions: Looking to Nature for the Answers – 90-minute download. Another great talk taped live in Portland, Oregon.
The Essentials
Eight Keys to Optimal Health
28 page booklet which summarizes all eight of the keys and makes a great companion piece to the audio and video materials. As some of the names of the presentations suggest, all of this material is based upon over 20 years of studying and synthesizing what nature has to teach about our health.
Controversial Questions: Looking to Nature for the Answers
90-minute download
Another great talk taped live in Portland, Oregon.
The material is shown in such a way that it is fun and easy to understand. Best of all, if you implement it, you are guaranteed to create and maintain the highest levels of health possible. The Creating Perfect Health System has helped many people feel years younger, and experience a level of vitality they have never known before.
Remember, The Creating Perfect Health System is unconditionally guaranteed! Also remember, the current price will not last as my team has already scheduled a price hike in response to recent inflation affecting all businesses, unfortunately.
I believe you have three options at this point:
Ignore The Creating Perfect Health System and continue living as you have done so far, with pain, health issues, low energy, unhappiness, bad relationships and so forth;
Try to put together all this information by yourself. It is possible but it took me years of practice to put it all together, so I expect it would take you a long time and a considerable amount of effort also;
Make the right decision and get The Creating Perfect Health System now
for the low price I am keeping for a little while longer
(price hike already scheduled by my team, as I said). You will thank me for it.
I have been dealing with psoriasis and arthritis for 12 years. I knew some of Loren’s principles already as I had already attended a couple of his workshops and I had been to Tanglewood Wellness Center. However, buying The Creating Perfect Health System was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was able to go over all the information in the comfort of my own home, taking as much time as I needed. It has completely changed my life. My skin has cleared up after only 30 days, and I have no more joint pains! This system is worth everything, I cannot put a price on it. What price can you put on your own health?
Andrew, 51 year old male
The Creating Perfect Health System works. It’s as simple as that! You get to balance yourself first from the inside out, in all dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual. Once you cleanse yourself of all unnecessary toxins and emotional baggage, once you feel at peace with yourself, you will start seeing results in your relationships as well because once the inside is clean it reflects on the outside as well. This is why relationships, careers, friendships also get better when using Loren’s amazing system. I highly recommend it!
Chelsea, 32 year old female
I was going through some really bad hormonal changes that were making my life miserable. I had both physical and emotional issues and I was feeling completely lost. Using Loren’s The Creating Perfect Health System I was able to balance myself within 3 weeks. I have gained the emotional poise that Loren talks about and I now feel better than ever. The best decision I have ever made!
Marjorie, 48 year old female
I had a stomach ulcer that was bothering me for years. I followed Loren’s The Creating Perfect Health System and all symptoms disappeared after less than 3 months! Doctors were amazed, my gastroenterolog is a friend of mine and he knew my struggles. He told me he would never doubt Loren’s advice ever again and wants to come along to Tanglewood Wellness Center next time I go!
Joshua, 43 year old male
I cannot thank Loren enough for putting together The Creating Perfect Health System. After going through it and following everything step-by-step, I am finally experiencing deepening peace and I feel more in sync with the Universe.
Jennifer, 54 year old female
Be The Best You Can Be
Available for immediate download! @ $295
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