How long was your fast?
21 days

When did you fast?
July 27, 2003 — August 16, 2003

What was your age, gender, height, weight before your fast?
30, Male, 5’8”, 140

What was your weight after completing the fast? What is your weight now?
120lbs / 122lbs (after 2 weeks re-feeding)

Why did you decide to fast?
Psoriasis + arthritis

What was your biggest apprehension going into the fast?
Losing too much weight

Did you ever consider ending the fast during the process? If so, why? Why did you continue/stop?
I did not consider breaking the fast early. I continued because I was told I would receive a savage beating if I stopped. (haha)

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with your fast?
Yes, as this was a very important first step. My eating habits from this point will determine my level of health.

Would you recommend that people have their fasts supervised? Why, or why not?
In most cases, yes. Positive symptoms may occur that an inexperienced faster might view as negative causing them to break the fast early. Guidance is very important.

Why did you choose to fast at the Tanglewood Wellness Center?
I found TWC to have the most appropriate conditions for a true water fast.

What was your experience like at Tanglewood?
TWC exceeded my expectations by far. Mr. Lockman and Dr. Trader helped me tremendously, the interns and staff are incredible and fasting envirnment is excellent.

What did you experience during the fast?
Low energy levels and some dizziness. I did not get much sleep.

How did you spend your time?
Resting and reading. I stared at the walls a lot, too.

Just purified water? Were you hungry?
I did not get hungry at all.

Did you get weak?

What was the best part of the process for you?
Knowing that I have advanced my health progress by several years. I also met some great people.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
The first 2 days were the most difficult.

Was it ever painful?

What are you experiencing now after the fast?
My energy has returned and my sleep pattern is back to normal.

Did you experience any changes due to fasting?
My complexion is very clear and the psoriasis has improved considerably. There is no change in the arthritis.

What kind of diet are you following after your fast?
I re-fed at TWC for 2 weeks on raw fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Is eating difficult for you now that you’ve complete the fast?
Eating is not difficult although my appetite has not returned 100%.

Would you fast again?
I will, most likely next summer.

What advice would you give to other fasters?
Do it at TWC!

Additional Comments:
A sincere thanks to all at TWC for your guidance, patience and friendship—I had a great 5 weeks.