How long and when did you fast at the Center?
14 days, January 2003

What is your age, gender, weight before your fast, and height?
55, male, 145 lbs., 5’7″

What was your weight after completing the fast? What is your weight now?
122 lbs., 127 lbs.

Why did you decide to fast?
Diagnosed with heart and liver issues, placed me in great stress.

What was your biggest apprehension going into the fast?
Whether my physical condition could withstand the extended fast.

Did you ever consider ending the fast during the process? Why and why did you continue or stop?
I considered stopping the fast twice, once on my tenth day as originally planned, and secondly on my fourteenth day because of my body weakness.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with your fast?
There hasn’t been enough time to determine whether the major concerns were either based on real fact or my own anxieties.

Would you recommend that people have their fasts supervised? Why or why not?
Yes. It is of the utmost importance that fasts be well supervised with experienced personnel. The average person does not have the personal fortitude to supervise their own extended fast, nor the proper setting.

Why did you choose to fast at the Tanglewood Wellness Center?
I fasted at Tanglewood for 6 days about a year and a half ago.

What was your experience at the TWC like?
The best on all levels. The individualized attention by experienced fasters, the medical supervision by a caring, well-experienced practitioner, and the overall quality of residence made it an exceptional stay.

What did you experience during the fast?
Major emotional insights that will clearly affect myself and all those around me that are part of my life. A careful review and an in depth look at my life and how I am directly responsible for it. Physically I have not noted any changes that are indicative of a more general overall improvement other than the fact that I now lost 18 lbs and have to regain my strength.

What did you do all day?
My mind was intensely occupied by three major areas of pre-occupation. I started writing a book called 14 days of Fasting at Tanglewood, my business, other book reading, and my family also occupied my mind.

Just purified water? Did you get hungry?

Did you get weak?
Yes, to the point of the fourteenth day, my body’s strength would only allow me to go to the bathroom and back.

What was the best part of the process for you?
Every moment was a joyous moment to be recognized and acknowledged.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
Trying to fall asleep at night.

Was it ever painful?

What did you experience after the fast?
Weakness and a strong determination to recapture my strength, my youth, and a yearning to return home.

Did you experience any changes due to fasting?
Yes, a major breakthrough in my core relationships with my wife and family. I am directly responsible on any daily basis for creating joy and love in my life.

What kind of diet did you follow after the fast?
A mostly fruit/ vegetable/ nuts and seeds. Will continue on a stricter basis.

Was eating difficult afterwards?
Somewhat. The food did not have the total exuberance that I expected but it is getting better during my continuing refeeding.

Would you fast again?
Yes, but no longer than 7 days.

What piece of advice would you give to other fasters?
Be adequately prepared not only for the fast, but the lifestyle changes that may follow.