“I became very inspired listening to you at Gram Slot. (Denmark.) Actually I am eating quite different from before hearing your presentation.”

–Henning, Kolding, Denmark, May 2012

“Thanks again for some great info you shared in the introductory class. It was very informative.”

–Yogesh, Fountain Valley, California

“Thank you for an enjoyable and informative day.”

–Betsy, Beverly Hills, California

“I was so inspired by you and the True Knowledge of Nature you define associated with/in the Body Temple. I became aware of this way of nurturing and caring for the body through too many illnesses. It was wonderful to see and experience your Mastery. I am so Motivated and Clear. The timing is also perfect for spring cleaning. Thank you. I look forward to coming to Costa Rica and Fasting at Tanglewood in the future.”

–Karin, San Diego, CA
“Thank you for giving your time, knowledge and patience on Wednesday night and Saturday all day. My life has been profoundly changed.

Just being in the room with your calm presence was a treat; but in addition, you relayed a ton of healthful information! You were consistent with your facts. You were comfortable with yourself. You presented from a place of humor, observation and first-hand experience, rather than from absolute authority.

I left feeling very peaceful on Saturday – and so happy about the alignment of your theories with my life. This was the exact right time for me to hear everything you had to say. Thank you for making your gift affordable. : )

–Stephanie, Orange County, CA

“Excellent talk today on the summit!”

–John Vecchiarreli

“I was unable to hear all of the guest speakers but of all of the ones I did hear you were the one who really struck me! I listened to your interview twice and I thought with myself I must contact him ASAP!”

–Cristiane in Brazil

“I just heard your interview on the Brilliant Body Health Summit replays. I have to say, it was the singlemost outstanding interview of all of them (I let Audry know as well)! I know that’s a tough call, with there being twenty-seven of them in total, many of which were great interviews and none of which were duds – but even amongst so many, yours had the greatest impact on me. Absolutely everything you said rang the most deeply true in me, of anything I’ve heard before.”

–from Montserrat in Europe

“Thank you for Saturday. I enjoyed listening to every word. I felt it deep within myself. I don’t know if it was within my soul or my heart but I felt as if it almost went deeper than that. I like to think that maybe I may still be somewhat connected to my body, “living within my body”, at least to an extent. :)”

–Tawny, Orange County, CA

“Loren was my supervisor during my 27 day water-only fast. I had originally thought I would be able to take on such an endeavor alone, but after working through the process with Loren, I am greatly thankful that I decided against undertaking such a process alone. The amazing support I received from Loren every day throughout the whole fast, and for the 2 weeks following was crucial to my success. Loren was always kind, extremely informative, supportive and most importantly of all, caring and comforting during the hard times. I am amazed at how much education I was able to receive from him in such a short period of time. I attribute this incredible feat to his incredible people and communication skills. I have worked with countless nutritionists, homeopaths and naturopaths in the past and none of them had shown me the level of kindness, support and compassion that Loren has. He was always happy to go the extra mile with me, and to know that I had the support of someone who would do that added a level comfort and peace I had never experienced before with any other practitioner. Thank you Loren!”

–Khaled – Ontario/ Canada

“I value the knowledge you bring to this whole experience and I feel, not only ready for this to continue, but blessed that it is unfolding the way it is and to have you for a guide. Thank you for acknowledging the progress I have made. Although I don’t see it as clearly, I am working at changing my thinking so that my reality can begin to change as well.”

–Michele, Sants Cruz, CA coaching client

“An alternative health care provider recommended I read Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert Shelton. The book was eye opening and suggested every individual should take ownership for his or her own health. Tanglewood Wellness Center has provided me a holistic escape from my life when all else has failed.

“I came to Tanglewood in 2003 for a 28-Day fast after leaving the Pentagon with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, anxiety and Candida. The Candida had gotten so bad it started to impact my memory. This was my last option because I was planning to return home to Michigan so my mother could care for me. A junk food vegetarian for 6 years I weighed in at 160 pounds. During that fast my energy returned, I felt great again, and I lost 32 pounds.

After the fast I failed at raw but became a vegan and more healthy. This new level of restored health and calm in my life allowed me to conceive in 2005.

In 2007 I returned to Tanglewood for a 21-Day fast suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, anxiety, depression, and major side effects from the drugs that had been prescribed for these conditions. I knew I had to take control of my health again, and one again, Tanglewood provided the optimal conditions and opportunity to allow me to do that.

I look forward to returning to Tanglewood in 2012, and am so sorry that Loren has lot his beautiful facility in Panama. I want to insure that Tanglewood exists as long as possible so that me and others can have this oasis of calm when they need to heal.

–Michelle in DC (2x TWC client)

“I don’t know if any other place has what Tanglewood has. Tanglewood has the best of knowledge and supporting presences… It’s not only the place where the good stuff happens, it’s the place where you learn what you need to know, and I’m grateful for it. Loren Lockman is a sharp guy, and I hope his work continues.”

— Leland Wright

“To me, Tanglewood’s continued existence is invaluable. Because of Tanglewood, I got my health back. I deeply believe this world needs it to continue existing… there is just no other place like it!”

–David Seacord, (fasted with son, GF, and her mother)

“Tanglewood is the 8th wonder of the world. It is the best cure available, open year-round, run hands-on by a compassionate man with many many years of experience. Loren really knows his stuff and wants to help you; he certainly helped us when no one else could. Two years ago my son’s physical and mental health was being eaten up by some undiagnosed malady and further worsened by the doctors we took him to. Thankfully Tanglewood was available when we needed it, or he might have died. Loren runs a relaxing, inspiring, safe place where my son started the deep healing he needed. After you’ve spent time there, you will never be the same – the experience stays with you and keeps working its benefits.”

–Kathy Raine, MN (2x TWC client, son and husband each fasted as well)

“I had struggled with feeling sick most of the time for many years (and especially after meals) eating a standard American diet. I also used many antibiotics, and antidepressants. My problems were excess weight, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperhidrosis and acne.

“Thankfully, I found Tanglewood and Loren Lockman. After water-only fasting and feeling amazing, that is 100% wonderful on raw food, I also had all the answers to my nutrition confusion thanks to his daily lectures. I was previously not eating any fruit because I had read that fruit exacerbates candida which I struggled with. I went to Tanglewood to fast only and did not realize how much I would learn. I didn’t know anything about the raw food lifestyle.

“Thankfully, I was introduced to raw foods and the truth about the importance of our body’s hydration! With the raw diet I truly feel amazing and I do not have to rely on any substance or medication to prop myself up. I am so grateful for Loren’s knowledge and years of fasting experience and I am grateful that Tanglewood continues to help many be and remain well.”

–Emily Ann Gjertson Cass, 4x TWC fasting client

“I, Lukas Ircha (aka HealthSupercharger on youtube) am making this testimonial of Loren Lockman to tell you the people my amazing experience by meeting Loren Lockman in my life. I have been extensively researching human health since 2004 and there is no doubt in my mind that Loren Lockman is one of the world’s few most natural health educator / naturopath, truly a Michael Jordan of his field. I have lived 10 months with Loren at his Tanglewood Wellness Center in the tropics of Central America where I not only did 2 internships a 40 day water fast but also found that his passion and amazing heart towards helping other people makes him work literally 10 to 14 hours a day 6.5 days a week. Sometimes his big heart even gets him into large challenges and liabilities when he accepts sometimes even super ill people with cancer, type 1 Diabetes, or multiple serious conditions which other centers don’t dare. Every day I saw Loren comforting people fasting via talking to them sharing his wisdom, listening to them and monitoring their vital signs.

“I witnessed with my own eyes 45 people fast at Loren’s Tanglewood center and either cure completely or greatly reduce their chronic debilitating diseases. Heart Arrhythmia, Arthritis, skin conditions, bloody bowels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol to name just several. People literally became 10 or 20 years healthier on a cellular level. One 72 year old guy who cured his Heart Arrhythmia will always be etched in my mind it was amazing how with each week his heart was getting better and by the end of his 5 week stay he cured it and even his nail on his big toe was half baby pink & smooth and half rough green yellowish.

“Loren walks, breaths and lives his talk. I never met an individual who follows nature and its laws as closely as Loren and who stays present in his body paying attention to its needs. Loren is amazingly healthy, fit, flexible and wise health educator. I am so grateful to have met him because I learn so many of the greatest health secrets and amazingly healed and cleansed my body. As a raw vegan I came to his center and just on the diet and lifestyle he teaches I started to heavily eliminate toxins from my body. He taught me the importance of the whole lifestyle including sunshine, rest, water, exercise, mental poise, fasting etc not just nutrition. Many of my unhealthy beliefs that I was unaware of or holding on to with dear life he helped me evaluate, test and change. Loren Lockman was for sure one of two most influential mentors I had over the past decade, Loren and Dr. Douglas Graham.

“Now I feel better than I ever felt in my life. I do 25 one hand pushups on a single breath, climb coconut trees, and love exercising with 50lb kids on my back as I do one hand pushups. My cholesterol and blood pressure area amazing. I got lots of energy, and an amazing vitality. Anyone can check out my resume on my youtube.com/healthsuperchareger channel where I share my wisdom and tell people they can have more health too.

Loren’s Tanglewood wellness center is by no doubt one of the best places to fast for anyone who wants a 100% natural way of fasting and living. True North Health Center and Dr. Douglas Graham’s Costa Rica fasting are also good options. But Loren is the only one who won’t ask you to eat cooked foods, and operates year round, and where you won’t feel like you are in a hospital. A place where you will also get 100% natural education, completely based on the way principals of nature. Loren is the modern day Arnold Ehret a trully amazing natural educator / healer.”

— Lukas Ircha

“I completed a 3-week water-only fast at Tanglewood Wellness Center as part of their internship programme (at the time it was in Panama, now Costa Rica). AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, EYE-OPENING. I met a few people who had completed a 6-week water-only fast. Amazing to meet and see in thriving action the director Loren Lockman who has been living on pretty much a mono-meal fruitarian diet for 20+ years and he’s completed numerous water-fasts himself of course. I witnessed he immense phyical (endurance, strength, intensity and flexibility) and mental health and fitness. Far too much to say everything about the experience here. What really has helped me to realise (in my view) is that health is all on a spectrum. It’s not all or nothing. Every little helps. Some people may not even want the most optimal health potentially possible.”

–Jenny Mace

“Meeting you was a miracle I truly believe you saved my life and have at the very least given me the CHANCE to keep fighting to beat these health issues. Without that, I think I would have already been dead.”

–Shelly Perry, fasted 30 days at the center in 2012, and two shorter fasts coached over the phone in 2013

“I miss Tanglewood and I would love to relive the experience. Although I suffered, it was one to the best experiences in my life! I think you’re awesome Loren!”

–Cecil, fasted 21 days at Tanglewood in 2009

“Loren, I want to thank for this past 2 week tele-fast. It was GREAT!”

–Yvonne, tele-fasted July, 2013

“Thank you so much, Loren! I did, in fact, enjoy my first meal tremendously! It feels great to be beginning anew. Thank you again for your invaluable coaching. You have and always do help and encourage me so much. I have a lot of love for you!”

–Michele, tele-fasted 3 times with Loren 2012-2013

“I just wanted to tell you how awesome I feel couple months after my 26 days water fast. All these years of cleansing and detoxing did not accomplish what that one water fast did for me. I have now the most perfect digestion I have ever experienced, I am full of energy and have this inner peace that is hard to describe. Even though I only followed your diet plan only 80% , I still got humongous benefits. I feel like I am glowing from the inside. I am striving to make it to 100% , I am at the farmers market right now ( ha ha) and just wanted to say THANK YOU !”

–A recent Tanglewood guest

“I was jn Costa Rica at Tanglewood Wellness Center for all of August and into September allowing my body to cleanse and rejuvenate. It was the single best thing I’ve ever done for my health and well-being. It’s important to take the time needed to get healthy again.”

Virginia Beach Lecture  “A story that has changed me forever.”

-Todd Ewen, Virginia Beach, VA

“Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s what I have to say about Loren’s seminar. It was easy to understand and makes a lot of sense. I could say so much about the seminar but you must experience it for yourself. The information and knowledge that Loren gives to you is priceless. I’m surprised he is charging so little. What a bargain! I enjoyed it so much I went five times. I have and will continue to recommend this seminar to everyone.”

-Bill Brode, Takoma Park, MD

“If you truly want to live a much better, healthier life free from “normal” health problems, I fully recommend one of Loren’s lectures.”

-Alison Lamp, Newport News, VA

“As one who has been a health conscious person all his life, who has read extensively about proper nutrition and exercise, and who has tried to put into practice what he has learned about a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle, the feeling I have at the moment, as corny as it sounds, is one of having stepped through the “threshold of truth,” into an esoteric realm of knowledge that may be the closest thing to a bedrock foundation of healthy lifestyle practices that there is.”

-Mark Springston, Maryland

“Loren is a dynamic and interesting speaker; I like that he walks his talk, is sincere about spreading the knowledge of how to have perfect health, and he speaks like he knows what he’s talking about.”

-Leah Joy, Santa Barbara, CA

“I would certainly recommend this seminar to others.”

– V.M., Bethesda, MD

“The Seminar was excellent, and I highly recommend it!”

-Dave Zier, Fairfax, VA

“I enjoyed the seminar tremendously — the discovery of this “whole new world” and the balance of your experience as well as references to other sources (including literature & medical sources)”.

– Vickie Kosmides, Silver Spring, MD

“I am very glad that I had an opportunity to gain an excellent amount of knowledge from you. Very very valuable to me. A great turning point in my life.”

-Saradha Kasi, Arlington, VA

“You are very knowledgeable, and answered each question thoroughly. I would register for future classes.”

-Kellie Clelland, Rockville, MD

“This seminar is the foundation for a new direction in life!”

-Grant Peacock, Rockville, MD

“Useful information presented well; The meal was a great finale to a great workshop.”

-Dr. Faye Davis, Alexandria, VA

“Thanks again for an awesome seminar!! Packed full of information.”

-Dr. Tara Zier, DDS, Fairfax, VA
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