TANGLEWOOD FRUIT FESTIVAL 2021: February 28-March 7

Yoga & Meditation

Relax, meditate, and enjoy one of our classes while deeply immersed in nature.t

The sounds of humming birds, crickets and howler monkeys all around you will certainly make your practice a one of a kind experience.

Simple, Healthy Raw Food

We strongly value proper food combination and eating simply in order to optimize digestion, elimination, cleansing and overall vitality.

This is an incredible opportunity to develop a healthy, mindful relationship with food and cultivate an even more loving and nurturing relationship with yourself.


You will have a variety of ways to burn off all the fruit energy you charge up with!

Choose from a range of outdoor games and activities, cool down in our salt-water pool or join us in the field for a game of volleyball!

Waterfalls & Hiking

Just down the road from our Retreat Center is Central America’s HIGHEST WATERFALL, El Salto del Calvo. It consists of 2 waterfalls separated by 175 meters, measuring at 300 and 350 meters.You are welcome to join us on a rigorous hike to swim in the waterholes and witness this incredible site.


Explore the 3km of jungle trails on our own property! Follow the dragonflies across brooks and bridges, through luscious gardens and up to our orange grove. You may even run into a howler monkey.


Tanglewood Wellness Center was carefully designed around permaculture principles by Loren Lockman, who is certified in permaculture design.

Participate in learning tours in which you can experience all of the sustainability practices we strongly value here at the center. Learn about our reforestation mission as we turn our land back into lush jungle as well as our efforts to create an abundant Fruit Forest on the grounds.

We currently have around 70 varieties of fruit growing on the property, with continued efforts to bring in as many as we can get our hands on!


Shared Bathrooms & Showers
These rooms includes a private bathroom, a hot shower, more...
These little getaways offer a sense of home away from home. You will feel like you have your own private space tucked away from it all, with views of the jungle and gardens around you. They include a comfortable living area, luxurious hot shower, a private area for sunbathing, a desk, more...
These cabins are tucked away in the woods, allowing you to spend the night immersed in the jungle. They include a private bathroom with a hot shower, more...
These new rooms have screen windows all around, a wooden floor, a palm-thatch roof -- the coolest -- a small deck in front with two chairs, and access to the camping bathrooms nearby.

Children (8-12) – $497 per child