Skype Coaching/Fasting Via Skype

In-person, phone, or e-mail consultation.

$500.00 — $3,500.00

Skype coaching starts with sending us your completed fasting registration form and then me sending you information, having a pre-fast phone consultation to discuss both your registration form and what to expect during the process.

It includes daily calls with vital-sign interpretation (you take them and e-mail them to Loren, and he will explain on your call what they mean,) discussion of whatever is going on for you, and addressing any questions/concerns you may have.

You also get written support with priority e-mail access (useful given that Loren gets hundreds of mails/comments/PMs each day,) guidance through the entire process, including walking you through the often-tricky re-feeding process, emergency phone numbers for Loren, a written six-week plan to follow after the end of the fast and requisite re-feeding time, and a follow-up call 6 weeks out.

While few people succeed fasting on their own, Loren’s coaching ensures both your safety and success.

And while it only makes sense to invest in your health — the most important thing that you have (or don’t!) — Skype coaching costs only about 50% of what it would cost for you to come to the center. If you come to the center, it runs $2995 for 4 weeks, $3695 for 5 weeks, plus travel.

With Skype coaching you pay $500/week and of course have no travel costs.

To be sure, this is still a significant investment… but likely the best investment that you’ll ever make as the results you’ll get with Loren’s guidance are almost certain to be much greater than the ones you’ll get doing this on your own.

We book people by the week, so if you work with Loren one week, you can fast 5 days and will have 2 days of guided re-feeding. Two weeks allows for 11 days fasting and 3 days re-feeding. With 3 weeks, you can fast 16 days with 5 days of re-feeding, and with 4 weeks, 21 days fasting and 7 days re-feeding, with 5 weeks, one can fast 26 days and re-feed 9, with 6 weeks one can fast 30 days and re-feed 12, and with 7 weeks one can fast 35 days and re-feed 14, and so on.

There are two keys to your success: first, you must be able to rest as completely as possible, and second, you must be coachable.

If these two things describe you, Loren would be glad to work with you. Keep in mind that he only works with 5 Skype clients at a time and is usually booked weeks in advance.

Because Loren will be committing to the length of time you decide on, we ask you to make that commitment as well. You’ll need to both submit your payment and a completed fasting registration form.

For many years, we’ve required full payment up-front, but now we offer payment options so that you can still fast with Loren via Skype even if you can’t make the whole investment now.

There’s nothing more valuable than perfect health and amazing vitality and mental clarity and there’s no better way to create these things than by allowing your body the time and opportunity to cleanse and heal. If you can’t get to Tanglewood, let Tanglewood come to you!

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