by Loren Lockman
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Today, more than ever, women have unlimited health care choices. In addition to conventional, allopathic, medicine, myriad alternatives are available, and increasing numbers of women are availing themselves of them. Besides all of the more commonly considered alternatives, there is another way: following the path of nature.

This was the path that I chose to take over 14 years ago. At the time, I was seeking to find my way back to health, and was focused primarily on eliminating the many debilitating conditions I faced.

In 1985, I became ill with Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Candidiasis, Sinusitis, and almost 60 food and environmental allergies. After nearly 3 years of trying, and failing, to get help from traditional medicine, I sought to find the answers elsewhere. Back then, there were far fewer alternative practitioners around, and I didn’t know enough to look for the ones who were there.

Not knowing where to start, I turned to nutrition. I had studied conventional nutrition theory for several years, and quickly realized that I was already following the accepted principles and practices, and should, by all rights, have been doing fine. Obviously, I was not. It occurred to me that perhaps conventional theory did Not hold all the answers, and I began to look beyond it. I began to study nature.

I had always been drawn to nature, and it occurred to me that nature seemed to do pretty well on it’s own; It was when people got involved that we seemed to screw things up.

One of my first realizations was that animals in nature enjoy a much higher level of health than most people do. Cancer, heart disease, and stroke, the three diseases that kill 80% of Americans, are almost non-existent in the wild. The only animals that routinely Do die of these terrible diseases are the ones that we feed: our pets, farm animals, circus animals, and laboratory animals.

I wondered if this difference might not be due to the fact that wild animals follow the laws of nature. These natural laws dictate what, when, and how much, animals eat and drink. They dictate how animals spend their time – what they do. And they dictate when, and for how long, they sleep.

It seemed evident to me that if all other animals lived according to natural laws, perhaps we would be better off doing the same thing. So I began to try to understand what these laws were.

I soon realized that there were also natural laws that governed our behavior, and that there are 8 primary areas that are covered by these laws. These 8 areas cover all of our physical and emotional needs. By learning to live by nature’s rules, we can create the same high levels of health as the animals in nature, and have no need to resort to potentially harmful, invasive, or expensive remedies.

The first law to understand is that every living organism is a self-healing organism. Surgery, drugs, and even most ‘alternative’ treatments can only impact symptoms, and don’t affect the underlying cause of the problem. Most drugs, herbs, and other remedies are toxic to the body. Common sense tells us that anything that is poison to the body cannot make it heal.

Though we may feel better, we are usually only suppressing symptoms, and are not only doing nothing to address the underlying cause, but are actually impeding the body’s ability to heal itself. It is for this very reason that we do feel better.

Real healing requires time, and the body’s energy, and there is little we can do to help, other than to intelligently get out of the way.

It is for this reason that Fasting – drinking only water while under experienced supervision – is such an effective tool to deal with physical problems of any kind. It is not that fasting has any power – it doesn’t. Fasting is So effective because it is simply the best way to get out of the way so that the body can heal itself.

I have not only used fasting extensively myself, but have been supervising fasts for 9 years, and have seen ‘miraculous’ things happen over and over again.

A couple of recent cases come to mind. In one case, a woman was referred to me with extensive vision problems. She was legally blind, and though she could make out the outline of a face, there were ‘holes’ in her vision; entire areas of the face where she saw nothing. She began to fast, and her eyes immediately became inflamed, blood red, tearing extensively, and quite painful.

She fasted for 14 days, with her symptoms persisting the entire time. At the end of the fast, the pain, redness, and tearing stopped. She was shocked to find out that she could not only see better, but that she no longer had any holes in her vision.

In the second case, a man was referred to me with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, type-two diabetes, glaucoma, gout, high cholesterol, and excema. He was quite obese, no doubt contributing to most of his problems, and he was on 17 different medications every day.

Usually, new clients are required to go through a 4-hour seminar before I work with them, but the next one was almost a month away, and he wasn’t given that much time to live. We had a 3-hour consultation in which I told him which lifestyle choices he needed to change immediately to stay alive short-term. I recommended a 3 week fast. He agreed to fast for a week.

As requested, his doctors took him off all medications, and he started his fast. Prior to fasting, his glaucoma had left him unable to see well enough to read. After one day of fasting, he was reading the newspaper. By the end of the second day, the gout in his legs was completely gone. His doctor had recently doubled his medication for gout – a diuretic designed to force the body to expel the excess fluid – with no success. Fasting worked where the drugs did not because the body did not Want to expel the water until it was able, through fasting, to eliminate the toxic uric acid that was being stored in the body. On the 5th day, we took a blood sugar reading, and his blood sugar was normal for the first time in 6 years, without medication.

By the end of his fast, he was feeling better than ever, was sleeping through the night, was able to walk more than a hundred yards for the first time in years, his skin had completely cleared up, and his body had resolved ALL of his conditions with the exception of his high blood pressure. In one week, he went from 17 medications to 1.

Ironically, a recent study showed that water-only fasting was 3 times more effective than hypertension medication to reduce high blood pressure. So why was it not successful here? In fact, his blood pressure was lower than when he started, but was still in the high range. Typically, in cases of arteriosclerosis, blood pressure will rise slightly before dropping. In his case, 1 week simply wasn’t long enough to drop it low enough.

Unfortunately, he was put back on his hypertension medication, and lost the will to continue taking good care of himself.

The last case was a woman who had already undergone a radical mastectomy, and 13 months of chemotherapy, and who was facing a recurrence. She planned on a 3 week fast, and arrived looking exhausted, depressed, and almost completely lifeless. Her detoxification process was pretty intense, but she felt better all the time, and after two weeks, was smiling and showing color in her cheeks for the first time in a long time. She extended her fast to 6 weeks, and finished feeling better than ever, though quite thin. Two weeks later, she was feeling good — back to normal, and putting on weight. We don’t know yet whether the fast will have completely eliminated the cancer, though there are many cases of tumors being consumed by the body via fasting.

These stories may seem miraculous. And in a way, they are. The miracle is in the ability of the human body to bring itself back to health and balance if we can only just get out of the way.

You may be surprised, as many people are, by the length of some of these fasts. The average person has a 6-8 week reserve of nutrients, and can safely fast that long. It is only when all nutrient reserves have been depleted that the body begins to consume vital tissue. This is called starving, and is never beneficial. Fasting is beneficial anywhere up the point at which starving begins. In some people, those who are especially wealthy in nutrient reserves, fasts may be safely conducted for much longer than 8 weeks. There are documented cases of very obese people fasting for many months, though I have never supervised a fast of longer than 9½ weeks.

You may be wondering how fasting relates to the ‘Natural Path’. In fact, virtually every animal on the planet fasts when it is not well. If your dog or cat has ever been sick, you’ve probably seen it lie down, refuse food, and not move until healing has occurred.

Fasting is nature’s way of healing, a remedial practice. The other laws that we need to focus on all deal with the body’s more normal needs. Like for the animals, these include what, when, and how much to eat and drink, when and how much rest and sleep and exercise/activity we need, how much sunshine we need, and how to get and properly use pure air.

In diet as in many of the areas, the ‘truth’ as I see it, may surprise you. Most of my clients come to me already conscious of these things, and believing that they’re doing pretty well. Most of them are shocked to find out how much room they have for improvement.

The last of the 8 areas that require our attention if we are to create the highest level of health is what I call Emotional Poise. This includes all of the emotional/mental/psychological stuff, and plays an enormous role in our well-being. In fact, in one study, the primary factor that determined how well people did with various different therapies was whether or not they believed they would be successful.

We all know that placebos are often just as successful at creating the desired effect as the drug being tested. Again, this evidences the importance of the belief system in creating the effect.

What we believe definitely has an impact on what shows up in our lives. Often two people will go through the very same thing, but have a completely different experience. It is after all, not what happens to us in this life that matters, but rather, what we do with it.

So many of us spend so much of our time worrying about things in the future, or regretting things in the past. But the present, this moment, is all that we have. It is, in fact, all that exists. Mark Twain once said, ‘The worst things in my life never happened.’ Let us not waste our time and energy in needless worry. The Serenity Prayer provides much wisdom in this regard.

Above all, we must remember that our lives are made up of a series of choices. And in this moment, we can all make any choice we want. If we can only stay present, making the choices that empower us and enable us to be the best possible people we can be is easy.

And when we forget to remain present and make less than ideal choices, we need to remember to always be gentle with ourselves. As divine beings, we all deserve that.

Learning how these laws of nature affect us in each of these areas has a huge impact on our level of health, or lack of it. By teaching these principles and appropriate lifestyle choices to people both locally and around the world through lectures and seminars, and one-on-one consultations, I have seen countless people create Perfect Health, regardless of where they started.

Loren Lockman can be reached at the Tanglewood Wellness Center at 202-652-4694,, or there is more information at

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