Creating Perfect Health with Loren Lockman

Full Day Seminar to Achieve and Maintain Full Hydration, Maximum Health, Vitality and Longevity.

Loren Lockman

Fascinated by the connection between diet and health, Loren began studying nutrition in 1976 at the age of 15. Over the years, Loren’s interest grew to encompass much more than simply physical health, encompassing mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the effort to help himself and his clients maximize their potential in every way.

A gifted speaker, an original thinker, and a dedicated teacher and coach, Loren has had the privilege of guiding more than ten thousand clients from over 110 countries to an amazing level of health at his Tanglewood Wellness Center (since 1997) and has affected many more through lectures, seminars, key note talks, videos, and media appearances over the last 26 years.

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  • How you can maintains a high level of fitness, amazing energy and mental clarity all the time.
  • 5 paradigm shifts to create and maintain perfect health and prevent and reverse aging
  • The affects of dehydration and what you can do about it.
  • 7 keys to Optimal Health. Heal any condition as quickly and effectively as possible Achieve and Maintain Full Hydration
  • Maximize Health, Vitality, and longeverty, be happier, and enjoy life to the fullest, amazing Fitness for only 20 minutes/day the laws of nature to your benefit, mental, spiritual, and intuitive powers optimal diet and nutrition…without supplements…
  • and much more!

During this full day seminar Loren Lockman the greater of Tanglewood wellness center will teach you the same principles he’s taught to tens of thousands others in over 50 countries for more than 20 years. Principles that he’s used to maintain an amazing level of health, vitality, fitness and mental clarity for the last 30 years without a day sick. Loren maintains a high level of fitness, works an incredible schedule, and still has amazing energy and mental clarity all the time.

Intro to Creating Perfect Health

Date: Saturday 30 of November
Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm
Cost: 150 kr
Place: Birkagårdens folkhögskola Karlbergsvägen 86 StockholmIntro to Creating Perfect Health
2 hours introduction to creating perfect health

Seminar Creating Perfect Health

Date: Sunday 1 of December
Time: 9.30pm-4.30 pm
Place: Birkagården karlbergsvägen 86 Stockholm, Ateljén
Cost for the seminar: 650kr or 550kr if registered before 19 November

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Call: 0738-957005 register in advance for the seminar and the intro lecture is free!

Be Happier and Enjoy Life to the Fullest.

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