Creating Perfect Health System

Creating Perfect Health IS Possible

Achieve the perfect health you have always wanted!

The system is designed to give you all of the information and motivation you need to optimize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being, regardless of where you are starting from. Because these things are inextricably linked, it’s virtually impossible to affect any one of them without affecting the others.

The system brings you ground breaking and life-changing information that is:

  1. simple to understand and easy to implement.
  2. proven.
  3. common-sense.

In order to ensure that you learn and can then apply this information, we utilize both repetition and the power of different methods of learning. Research shows that repetition is a powerful tool and that most of us need it to really learn anything. It also shows that no matter what your dominant, and therefore, preferred, way of learning is (i.e. seeing, hearing, etc.), a combination of different approaches insures the greatest comprehension and retention. Or, to put it more simply, the more different approaches used, the more we learn and remember.

The System includes the Digital Version of these materials: (100% digital files & Downloadable)

  1. C.P.H. audio CDs (4 – 90 min.)
  2. Fasting: Natures Cleanse CDs
  3. Controversial Questions CDs
  4. Maximizing Your Health DVD (1 – 132 min.)
  5. Natural Way To Health DVD (2 – 120 min.)
  6. Handbook For Vibrant Living – 8 Keys To Optimal Health
  7. Tanglewood brochure
  8. Personalized “Health Seeker” letter
  9. Tanglewood postcard

Creating Perfect Health seminar – 6 hours on 4 CDs. These Cds cover all 8 keys to creating the highest level of health. Taped live at the Tanglewood Wellness Center.

Maximizing your Health Lecture – 132 minutes on DVD. This lecture was taped live in front of an audience of about 100 people in London, England. It covers diet and fasting and is an excellent introduction to the subject matter. Fast-paced, fun, informative; this is a good place to start.

Fasting: Nature’s Cleanse – 90-minute CD. This informative and fun lecture was taped live in Portland, Oregon.

Controversial Questions: Looking to Nature for the Answers – 90-minute CD. Another great talk taped live in Portland, Oregon.

The Essentials: 8 Keys to Optimal Health – 28 page booklet which summarizes all 8 of the keys and makes a great companion piece to the audio and video materials.

As some of the names of the presentations suggest, all of this material is based upon 20+ years of studying and synthesizing what nature has to teach about health that Loren Lockman has done.

The contribution Loren makes is in presenting the material in such a way that it’s fun and easy to understand. Best of all, if you implement it, you are guaranteed to create and maintain the highest levels of health possible. With what I teach, many people have found themselves feeling many years younger, and experiencing a level of vitality they have never known before.

Loren Lockman – The founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, Loren began studying the relationship between nutrition & health in 1977. Since 1997, Loren has led more than 2000 people through water fasts of 1 to 9 weeks, & has coached more than 2000 others to better health.

In 1984, Loren contracted chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, candidiasis, sinusitis, & 57 allergies. After a 3 year struggle with medicine, Loren got himself well within 6 months. He’s been a raw vegan since 1991.

Now 52, Loren hasn’t been sick a day in 26 years, & can show you how you can eliminate tiredness, lack of mental clarity, poor energy, as well as almost any health challenge.

Loren has been a regular columnist for two magazines and has published articles in dozens of others including Get Fresh, Washington Woman, Birth and Beyond, Just Eat an Apple, and Natural Awakenings. He is a frequent guest on radio shows, & has given lectures and seminars in more than a dozen countries and all across the US, including keynote addresses for EarthSave International twice, Friends of Animals, various appearances at the North American Vegetarian Society’s annual conference at the University of Pittsburgh, featured lectures at the International Living Food Festivals, the Living Now Festivals, the Best of Raw 2013, and a sponsored two-week lecture tour of all the campuses of the Naturopathic College of London throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland. He’s an engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker with a passion for helping people maximize their health, vitality, & overall level of functioning.

Loren is a nature enthusiast, a Reiki master, a certified permaculture instructor, a poet, the author of a children’s book, a body surfer and beginner board surfer, an animal lover, a motorcycle enthusiast, and the author of the unconditionally-guaranteed Creating Perfect Health System.

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