How long was your fast?
15 days

When did you fast?
February 11 – February 26, 2006

What was your age, gender, height, weight before your fast?
56 years old, female, 5’3.5”

What was your weight after completing the fast?

Why did you decide to fast?
To get rid of bad food since childhood and toxicity from cancer radiation, etc: Also must get rid of my monthly migraines, back and knee soreness, and leg and foot cramps.

What was your biggest apprehension going into the fast?
I was not scared but just anxious to be healed completely.

Did you ever consider ending the fast during the process? If so, why? Why did you continue/stop?
NONE – fasting isn’t so bad to me.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with your fast?
Don’t know yet until a month or two to see if my migraine is gone. My back and my stuffy nose I have noticed are gone. One sad thing is that my tinnitus are still there, so there must be permanent damage in my ear.

Would you recommend that people have their fasts supervised? Why, or why not?
Yes, so I can be completely rested and not use up energy that I can’t do at home. I can be checked with Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate, sometimes it was not good because I was dehydrated. I had to increase my water.

Why did you choose to fast at the Tanglewood Wellness Center?
Luckily I found TWC through the internet when I was looking for fasting and did a comparison with others. I feel TWC is the best place. I lived closer to TWC in Maryland. I did fast before for 8 days and re-feed for 2 days in Thurmont. This place was very nice but two stories high, it was hard for me to go up.

What was your experience like at Tanglewood?
It was awesome here in Panama, almost perfect weather every day. The staff and interns here provided great service to meet our needs and/or concerns.

What did you experience during the fast?
For a while I seemed to be fine, but I experienced some dizziness and weakness for a few days, and a little pain in some part of my pancreas and liver for just a short time. I had 3 loose bowel movements during my fast, and lots of gas. Did not sleep very well at nights.

How did you spend your time?
I tried my best to obey Loren to stay in bed and close my eyes for most of the time, but I did talk with my roommate and go to use the computer everyday or every other day. I read my bible and other books 1 or 2 hours a day.

Just purified water? Were you hungry?
Yes, just for the first 1 or 2 days, until I drank more water, and then the hunger pains were gone.

Did you get weak?

What was the best part of the process for you?
To see some symptoms result so we knew that there were some “healing crises” happening. Mine did not seem to be as serious as others.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
Not really, except that I could not sleep well at nights, and the ringing in my ear (tinnitus).

Was it ever painful?
Not much, just a little. I did feel discomfort with my legs and hips but felt fine the last two nights, I thought it was the bed.

What are you experiencing now after the fast?
I feel great overall today.

What kind of diet are you following after your fast?
Of course my goal is to go to a simple, raw diet like Loren teaches. I hope to make it without slipping away. I failed last time about 3 weeks after fasting. I didn’t have my customized book by then but now I will get one before I go home, which I am excited about.

Is eating difficult for you now that you’ve complete the fast?
NO, the fruits are so good to be eaten again but what I hate is to chew very slowly. I know I have to learn to eat properly.

Would you fast again?
Oh yes, I know I need more fasting.

What advice would you give to other fasters?
I always keep to tell my friends who complained with their health problems to come here. I hate to hear them about visiting their doctors and they don’t help them. I have a friend who has high Blood Pressure. I told her to change her diet. She is watching me after I get home to see if I don’t have migraines. If so, she may come.

Additional Comments:
Everything is wonderful and beautiful, the weather is perfect and there are nice views. I liked the light excerises and yoga during re-feeding, maybe we could start it on the second day of refeeding.