How long did you fast?
21 days + 7 days re-feeding.

When did you fast?
Beginning 27 March 2004

What is your age, gender, weight before your fast, and height?
46, Male, 6’4″, 195 lbs

What was your weight after completing the fast? What is your weight now?
After fasting 163 lbs, now 165 lbs

Why did you decide to fast?
Clean out body/detox, help to get off ‘unhealthy’ raw foods such as all the nuts and dried fruit, complex mixtures etc.

What was your biggest apprehension going into the fast?
Being bored for 4 weeks!!!

Did you ever consider ending the fast during the process? Why and why did you continue or stop?
No. I continued to get as clean as possible in the time allowed.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with your fast?
Yes, it was a very useful ‘step’ in my continuing health.

Would you recommend that people have their fasts supervised? Why or why not?
Definitely! For the safety and reassurance aspects. Many unknowns could arise at any time.

Why did you choose to fast at the Tanglewood Wellness Center?
From meeting Loren and seeing a fine and sincere example of what he teaches.

What was your experience at the TWC like?
Fantastic, wonderful, amazing, inspiring,……

What did you experience during the fast?
Weakness, heart burn, sore throat, and LOTS of support from everyone there.

How did you spend your time?
HA HA! In bed, lying down, sitting very still, some reading at the beginning, and sitting in the sun at the end!

Just purified water? Did you get hungry?
Not at all, even at the beginning. A pleasant surprise.

Did you get weak?
VERY for about 3 days and then again for 3 more at the end of the fast.

What was the best part of the process for you?
The care I received, and knowing how much good I was doing for my body, mind and spirit.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
Seeing Helen suffering and not being able to help. And not being able to sleep because of the heartburn.

Was it ever painful?
Heartburn yes, and a sore throat for 4/5 days.

What did you experience after the fast?
A joy in eating fruit again! A little more weakness for a bit longer than I had expected when returning home.

Did you experience any changes due to fasting?
Ears became unblocked after nearly 15 years of feeling ‘stuck’.

What kind of diet did you follow after your fast?
All raw fruit and veg. Mostly organic. Basically the same wonderful stuff we were fed with at Tanglewood!

Was eating difficult afterwards?
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you fast again?
Definitely! To continue the process at a deeper level.

What piece of advice would you give to other fasters?
TAKE IT EASY THE WHOLE TIME! Remember, the re-feeding period is a minimum, NOT the time required to get you ‘back to normal’ energy.

Additional suggestions:
Maybe make people aware of the re-feeding time as a minimum, not enough to get them back to normal strength. I think there may have been one or two people in our group that may have had some difficulties in making their way home as they expected to be able to travel easily. This may not always be the case.