How long did you fast?
I completed a 19 day fast at the TWC. I would have liked to have fasted longer but due to time constraints, could only fast for 19 days. I had completed shorter fasts at my own home: 1 three-day fast, 2 four-day fast, and 1 ten-day fast over a period of two years.

When did you fast?
November/December 2000

What is your age, gender, weight before your fast, and height?
32, female, 115lb, 5′ 6.5″

What was your weight after completing the fast? What is your weight now?
95lb ? (have not seen a scale lately to check)

Why did you decide to fast?
I wanted to have optimal health with a clean body. At the time that I fasted, I was going through some major emotional changes. Fasting was a good opportunity to think and see things more clearly which would help me resolve and work through my problems.

What was your biggest apprehension going into the fast?

Did you ever consider ending the fast during the process? Why and why did you continue or stop?
No, I had no problems and actually wanted to continue longer with the fast.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with your fast?
Yes, I did resolve a lot of emotional issues, and now have a better outlook on things.

Would you recommend that people have their fasts supervised? Why or why not?
Yes, since a supervised fast your only responsibility is to rest and not worry about anything. When I fasted on my own, I spent the days much like usual though not working as hard. Fasting at home I didn’t feel like it was my “right” to not do anything. Fasting at the center was a refreshing change and felt very much like a much needed vacation but without all of the stress and running around usually associated with vacations.

Why did you choose to fast at the Tanglewood Wellness Center?
I personally know and respect Loren Lockman. I have complete faith and confidence in his ability and knowledge about supervising fasts. I found his personal care, compassion, and experience to be a wonderful bonus. Furthermore, I could fast in a peaceful, quiet setting without any outside world worries that I would have had if I fasted at my own house. After breaking my fast, I wanted support eating an all raw foods vegan diet, which Loren follows using all organic produce.

What was your experience at the TWC like?
When I first entered the TWC, I was struck by the good energy feel and how quiet it was. The place is very peaceful and airy with lots of plants and simple decor. I felt at “home” being there. Being with other fasters was a wonderful bonus and great support. I have made many new friends, all of who are 100% raw vegans!!

What did you experience during the fast?
Overall, I did not experience much dizziness as compared to my earlier fasts. I had low levels of energy and was very content to be sitting or resting all day. Walking and moving around was unpleasant. The worst part of this fast was the awful, constant taste in my mouth which was present up until the 15 day which then disappeared.

What did you do all day?
I mostly sat and contemplated life. At times, I would write my thoughts down. I read several books and worked through most of a work book dealing with emotional issues. I also created raw food dishes in my head of neat things to try to make when I was done fasting.

Just purified water? Did you get hungry?
Since I had fasted before, it never bothered me about not eating and only having water. I had no physical or emotional desire to eat. Actually, food sounded quite repulsing.

Did you get weak?
Yes, though I had expected that. I was surprised how weak I had gotten since I didn’t remember feeling that on my other fasts though they were much shorter in length.

What was the best part of the process for you?
Feeling good about what I had accomplished. It was also very nice just to ‘be’, with no worries.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
One day I felt so lonely, though I called my friend and talked to her for several minutes which eliminated that feeling. All in all, the fast was not difficult, your job is just to rest and take it easy.

Was it ever painful?

What did you experience after the fast?
I had lost about 20 pounds. Upon breaking the fast, I did not feel like bingeing which is a common experience. My first meal consisted of half a pear which after eating I was quite full. My energy levels and stamina slowly returned though even after 3 weeks, I was still detoxing and did not have the energy levels or stamina I had compared to before the fast.

Did you experience any changes due to fasting?
I was able to sort through much of my emotional issues and have reached resolution in many areas.

What kind of diet did you follow after your fast?
raw fruits, leafy greens, some sprouts and sunflower seeds.

Was eating difficult afterwards?
No, no problems.

Would you fast again?
YES!!! I find that fasting is very beneficial for optimal health, especially from eating and living in this chemical laden world. My body is still not 100% clean and I feel that additional fasts will help me obtain the health that I desire.

What piece of advice would you give to other fasters?
Just go with the process and not fight it. Enjoy the opportunity that you have to do something wonderful for yourself.

Additional comments:
I highly recommend fasting at the TWC. Loren’s personal care, attention, coaching, wisdom, and compassion were absolutely wonderful. In all, fasting was a wonderful, life expanding experience.