July 2010 Newsletter

July 13, 2010

Greetings! America recently celebrated Independence Day – maybe it’s time to focus on creating true independence for your self. Read to the end to find out how.

It has been a busy time here at Tanglewood these last couple of months. We reopened three weeks ago for the current nine-week fasting session. As usual, most of our guests were thrilled on arrival to find the center far more beautiful than they thought it would be, and upon a complete tour, most were blown away. With more than a kilometer of trails, more than a dozen distinct sitting areas around the grounds, 8 fountains, thousands of spectacular plants and flowers, and more than 700 fruit trees, Tanglewood is truly a little slice or paradise.

As always, there’s been tons going on here, including improvements to our already-beautiful rooms. Last year we insulated the guest room ceilings, dropping the temperature 10 degrees on a hot sunny afternoon. Now we’ve insulated our previously-sometimes-too-warm living room ceiling and added crown molding to both the living room and all of the guest suites, both beautifying the rooms and preventing insects and critters from gaining entrance that way.

We’ve also added a fountain in the center of our courtyard and a new arbor (almost completed) above it which will later be covered with flowering vines. It’s a beautiful new focal point of the courtyard, provides a little white noise to assistant in minimizing distractions from the sounds of speech and movement, and soon will provide a lovely shaded spot to rest, close to, but out of the building.

Just 100-or-so steps further away, there’s another new arbor which will be covered in granadilla vines (delicious fruit and spectacular flowers,) and will provide another beautiful resting place with five hammocks and a unique fountain built into the garden wall (to be completed three weeks ago – we’ve recently stopped holding our breath.) This area will also serve to exhibit many of the different orchid varieties we have on site.

The trail leading to some of our guests’ favorite places has been improved, and we’ll be improving the rest of the trails in turn.
Fasting can be an amazing journey, and even more so when in a comfortable and beautiful environment. We’re committed to continuing to create the most beautiful environment possible for your incredible journey.

We’ve also been busy planning our new website, hopefully to be ready within a month or so. It will be completely revamped and will include both written and video blogs, a new internet forum, and a video tour of our physical site which will allow one to see the entire center and grounds.

The new website will also include lots of photos of our beautiful center, and will provide lots of valuable information. And the new format will allow us to update it much more easily to keep it fresh and new all the time.

We continue to get rave reviews for the new programs we’ve added over the last year. Though the vast majority of our fasting guests’ time is unstructured (allowing them to rest as completely as possible,) they also now have the option of enjoying art therapy, yoga nidra, body centering and intuition exercises, and more! Each week, in addition to 2 lectures by yours truly, a movie on Wednesday nights, and a comedy audio on Friday nights, guests also have 3 or 4 other programs each week designed to help them grow spiritually and emotionally. (And for some, to help pass the time!)

Shada, who leads most of these new programs, is also working on several new art installations. She’s a sculptor and former art teacher, and is passionate about working with natural materials and settings – a perfect fit for Tanglewood.

Currently, she’s doing a piece which will be made from a section of a large tree trunk, which will be carved and will include some inset stone. She’s also designed a sculpture to be made from soil, which will be then be covered with plants to hold its shape. Shada will design a front gate for us, and will be working on several other projects as well, all coming over the next months.

This is a win-win-win situation: she’s thrilled to be making art, I’m thrilled to be beautifying the center, and our guests will get to enjoy the interesting and beautiful pieces while they relax, cleanse, and heal here.

On another front, I’ve been back on the road speaking for the first time in several years. Our new intern schedule provides me with real time off for the first time in 12 years, and I’ve taken advantage of it to get our message of the promise of perfect health out to as many people as possible. Let us know if you’d like to arrange events in your area. I’d love to come!

Needless to say, we’re working hard, and have lots to do. Tanglewood is all about transformation, and it’s very exciting to be helping so many others with their transformations as we transform both ourselves and this lovely site on an ongoing basis.

If you want true independence and you’re ready to take your own transformation to the highest level possible – or are at least willing to make the commitment to doing this in the not-so-distant future — make your plans to come visit us now.

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We understand that the current economy may have affected you as it has so many. If making full payment right now is just not feasible for you, you can still take advantage of this opportunity to lock in great savings while making the commitment to yourself to get as healthy as possible.

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True freedom is about being able to do whatever you choose with your own body and mind, with no limitations. We’re committed to helping you create real freedom and independence by taking your health and well-being to the highest level, and also to continuing to create the optimal place and experience for you. We have lots of cool projects planned, but need the funds to move forward. Commit to your own health while helping Tanglewood help as many people as possible.

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You can create whatever you choose to, and we’re here to help you. Contact us now for further information or to take your health to the highest level possible – guaranteed!

As always,
Yours for optimal health,